We are an Authorised Treatment Centre for Vehicles (CATV) of the Community of Madrid, as well as an Authorised Centre for the Treatment of Vehicles Out of Use (CAT-VFU). This type of centre is responsible for both the destruction and decontamination of vehicles that have been classified as hazardous waste according to Royal Decree 1283/2002, indicating precisely this type of car. We are an Authorised Treatment Centre for Vehicles (CATV) for the Community of Madrid. The residues considered potentially dangerous to the environment, such as various oils, fuel, brake fluid, batteries, air conditioner fluids, tires, antifreeze, etc., must be deposited in special and specific containers for each of these residues. Then they must be taken to the appropriate collection point, which will handle the recycling of the residues that can be recycled or be destroyed, always in the most respectful possible way to the environment.

What is the CATV certificate

The CATV certificate is required to permanently de-register a car. For this, the Traffic Office offers you some specific centres where it can be obtained, as is Eurospare’s case. At our company we can comprehensively handle the de-registration of your car, whether it is a salvage vehicle or if it has come to the end of its useful life. We guarantee carrying out this process in the most ecological way.

We are also a scrapyard specialising in off road vehicles and 4x4s, so if you want to purchase used spare parts for vehicles don’t hesitate to contact us.