De-register a car

If you want to de-register your car, at Eurospare we can provide this service. You can de-register a vehicle temporarily or permanently. If you decide to do so on a temporary basis, it means that the car, motorcycle, off road vehicle or 4×4 may, in the future, get back into circulation as it is in a proper condition to operate normally again. But, on the other hand, if the de-registration is permanent, it means that the vehicle has reached the end of its useful life, either because it has been in an accident and has become unusable, or because it’s too old to repair certain wear and tear and remain in circulation.

We manage the de-registration and recycling of your vehicle comprehensively.

When a car’s life comes to an end, its owner must take it to an Authorised Centre for the Treatment of Vehicles, which can handle not only the necessary paperwork to be carried out with the DGT (Spanish Traffic Department) but also for the handling of the residues from the car, both those which can be recycled and those which can’t.

Types of residues that must be treated

We are an Authorised Centre for the Treatment of Vehicles (CATV), so we can comprehensively provide this service. We can take care of the necessary paperwork with the Spanish Traffic Department. We also handle individual parts, which, in many cases, may be converted into second hand spare parts; the material that is destined to become scrap metal and can also be recycled; and the remaining residues, which can harm the environment if not treated in the right way. These residues include:

  • Fuel oil
  • Brake fluid
  • Fuel
  • Fluids that are contained in air conditioners
  • Antifreeze
  • Tyres

Our commitment to nature makes us treat them all in the most beneficial way for the ecosystem. Contact us for more information. We provide our services in places such as Fuenlabrada, Moraleja de Enmedio, Mostoles, Alcorcón or Humanes de Madrid.