Scrapyard in Fuenlabrada

If you are looking for a scrapyard in Fuenlabrada, we can provide just the service you need. Whether your car has recently been in an accident and has been declared a “write off” or if its useful life is over, we can, for your convenience, take care of it, including the necessary paperwork for it to be de-registered at the DGT (Spanish Traffic Department).

We manage the de-registration of your vehicle comprehensively.

Also, if you want second hand replacements, spare parts or accessories in perfect condition, we also offer a wide selection. We specialise in off road vehicles and 4x4s, so in our extensive catalogue you can find everything you need for all makes and models of this type of vehicle.

Environmentally friendly scrapyard.

Eurospare is an environmentally friendly scrapyard. We are aware that, when vehicles pass on to a better life, they produce residues that can not be treated in just any way, and skilled workers who know how to deal with them are needed. As we are committed to looking after nature, as well as having all the necessary permissions to manage the specific residues produced by cars when their useful life ends, we can guarantee that all our processes are respectful to the ecosystem.

The waste from vehicles may be used to become second-hand parts with the same reliability as new ones. The metal waste which can not be used will become scrap metal, which can also be recycled. For example, scrap iron is very important when making steel. Finally, the residues not included in any of these categories must be classified and treated appropriately. As we are an Authorised Treatment Centre for Vehicles (CATV), we offer all the guarantees in this regard. Contact us without obligation for more information.