specialists in 4X4s

We are specialists in 4X4s. At Eurospare, also known in the world of off road vehicles as Tato’s scrapyard, we can provide a comprehensive service in all that concerns these vehicles, from the sale of spare parts for all makes and models to processing its permanent de-registration.

We are dedicated to 4x4s because we are passionate about these vehicles, so we can provide the best assistance. Off road vehicles are vehicles with a specific idiosyncrasy that needs to be known in order to provide a high quality service, which guarantees that everything that is installed in them is the most appropriate and ensures the durability of the vehicle.

We have extensive experience. With more than 10 years in the motor world, our company began its journey in 2007 and since then we have become a benchmark in the motor world. Therefore we can provide the most efficient service. Not only can we provide you with both second hand accessories and spare parts for your car, we can also advise you about which part is best for your model, as our experienced technicians always know which is the best option.

Also, when the useful life of these cars comes to an end, we can provide you with a comprehensive service for managing its de-registration, both the administrative procedures, as we deal with de-registrations in the DGT (Spanish Traffic Department) as well as the dismantling and waste management, since we are an Authorised Treatment Centre for Vehicles (CATV).

We are in Fuenlabrada but we deliver all over Spain. You can view our extensive catalogue and buy parts for your car in our online store and receive them in the comfort of your home. For more information or to make an inquiry about the world of 4x4s, contact us without obligation.

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