Spare parts

4×4 Parts

We have a complete catalogue of 4×4 spare parts for all makes and models on the market. Our catalogue has a wide range of both new accessories as well as second hand spare parts, with all the guarantees of reliability and durability, as we have extensive experience with this type of vehicle and can guarantee the quality of every part.

Buying spare parts online is much simpler and convenient.

4×4 vehicles are becoming increasingly present on our roads, so the demand for spare parts is growing. As we work with all makes and models on the market, we can guarantee that we have the spare part needed. Also, we can send it anywhere in Spain within 24 hours. Instead of searching fruitlessly for spare parts in lots of scrapyards, you can contact us directly because we offer an extensive catalogue that is growing day by day.

Type of spare parts

We have all kinds of parts. We can provide:

  • Scrapped engines
  • Scrapped bodywork
  • Scrapped cylinder heads
  • Scrapped gearboxes
  • Transmission systems
  • Steering and brake systems
  • Scrapped pumps
  • Injection and ignition systems
  • Suspension systems
  • Tires and wheels
  • Accessories for both the vehicle’s interior and exterior
  • Upholstery

And much more…

Eurospare is a scrapyard and an Authorised Centre for the Treatment of Vehicles, and we specialise in off-road and 4×4 vehicles, so we can provide you with all the spare parts and accessories for all makes and models on the market at a very competitive price, and guaranteeing you the level of quality of the new parts. Consult us without obligation whether seeking a specific part or if you want more general information about this service. We are in Fuenlabrada, come and see us.