Permanent vehicle de-registration

Eurospare is an Authorised Treatment Centre for vehicles (CATV), so we can provide a comprehensive service when your car or off road vehicle has reached the end of its useful life. We handle the necessary paperwork for the de-registration of vehicles at the DGT (Spanish Traffic Office), and we also deal with the recycling of the waste generated, a very important activity to ensure the sustainability of nature.

We provide a comprehensive service in all that concerns the de-registration of your car, making it very easy to take this step, which can be very complicated if done by yourself. It is better to leave this job to experienced professionals, who will also keep you informed of every step of the process.

We can offer a wide portfolio of services in this field. We are also a company committed to conserving the environment, so we deal with waste generated by a car in detail, both that which can be recycled and that which can’t. The tasks we perform are:

If you want more information on vehicle de-registration you can visit “De-registration of vehicles by the DGT”. If you already have all the information you need, download the official application for de-registration document or see the documentation necessary according to the DGT to process the de-registration of a vehicle.

Documentation to download: